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There are two main strategies that many Asians use to combat hot summer weather: eat cold dishes or, conversely, eat hot and spicy foods. The former seems obvious, but the latter actually makes sense too since hot foods make you sweat, cooling you down faster. Also if you believe in ki, you may think that the best way to bring a cool summer ki in balance with the environment is to eat spicy/hot foods. We certainly won’t take sides in this article, but instead will explore some of the most mouth-watering cold and hot summer foods available across Asia during the summer.

When searching for a refreshing appetizer, Vietnamese-style summer rolls are hard to beat. Featuring rice paper filled with lettuce, carrots, herbs and shrimp served with peanut sauce, these rolls are a perfectly packaged alternative to the typical shrimp salad. However, if salad is your summer treat of choice, then you should try Goi So MongTay, Vietnamese razor clam salad, or Cambodian green mango and diced shrimp salad.

It goes without saying that noodle dishes abound throughout South and Southeast Asia, but if you’ve never tried a cold version on a hot summer’s day then you’re in for a treat. Chinese cold sesame noodles feature pasta and vegetables topped with red vinegar, chili oil dressing and toasted sesame seeds. In Japan, “somen” is the term for cold noodles, which are particularly fun to try as part of a
"Soumen Nagashi" or "Floating Noodles" activity. This rare event features a slanted trough through which cold water flows, carrying bunches of noodles that must be grabbed and eaten by large numbers of participants waiting at the sides of the trough.

Desserts and cold drinks are the most obvious heat-beating choices, and this region of Asia boasts countless heavenly options such as bubble tea, a ubiquitous pan-Asian favorite made with milk, brewed tea and pearl balls. In India, extreme temperatures are borne out thanks to the presence of aampanna, a drink consisting of roasted or boiled raw mangoes said to prevent heat strokes and dehydration, and kokum juice, made from a native plum-like fruit purported to improve appetite and prevent nutrient loss. In Indonesia, scorching year round temperatures helped motivate the creation of rujakcuka, cold fruits soaked in sweet and sour sauce with red chili, vinegar and peanuts.

For those who seek to fight fire with fire, a spicy Korean summer ginseng chicken soup (samgyetang) or joymyeon (spicy, chewy noodles and vegetables) might be in order. While not necessarily spicy, Indonesian sates are served hot no matter the outside temperature, and consist of marinated meat grilled and served with n sweet soya sauce. Fresh summer produce helps boost the flavor in a Thai summer vegetable curry that can be quite spicy especially if served in the south, while bold Szechuan chefs serve spicy eggplant during hot summer days to delighted customers across China. Another Chinese sizzler is Guizhou hot and sour fish soup, which is made with freshwater fish spiced up with local red chili peppers, or if you’re craving chicken you can opt for Pakistani-style spicy chili chicken, which contains a prodigious amount of red chilli paste.


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Phone: 1-604-781-9557

We adapt our schedule to yours by offering classes in the morning, afternoon and evening. Go to Chef Eric's online calendar to see available dates.


  • Advance booking is strongly recommended, especially for group classes, but we can also organize last-minute classes (dependent on Chef Eric's schedule) with as little as 1 day notice.

  • We can reschedule booked classes without extra charge but we require at least 48 hours notice. Last minute schedule changes are subject to re-payment of the initial booking fee.

Catering Cocktail Parties and Food Demonstrations

First impressions are so important, so why not let a French Chef expertly crafted hors d'oeuvres set the tone for your business associate or loved one's next cocktail party, leaving them with more time to relax during the reception and mingle with guests. Optionally, Chef Eric can also perform simple food demonstrations that will entertain your guests. What an amazing way to:

  • Celebrate a special anniversary or birthday
  • Launch a real estate project, open house or new office grand opening
  • Thank business partners, associates and staff


At 911cheferic.com we have the catering solution for you. Contact Chef Eric now, to have him craft a menu to fit your budget. 


Catering Services FAQs

Chef Eric will prepare delectable bite-sized dishes for all your high-end cocktail party, from 10 guests to 400 hundreds!

We will deliver and entertain with small cooking demonstrations, in Vancouver area, and from Whistler to Chilliwack.

Prior to the event, Chef Eric will review the party theme as well as the guests' dietary needs in order to deliver a variety of creative, visually stunning and absolutely delicious amuses at your home, office or other event location.



A Gourmand in Training

From growing up in a blue collar family in one of the most dangerous areas in France to having a successful career as the head chef in a luxury hotel on the French Riviera at the age of 23, to teaching culinary arts at the University of British Columbia in Canada, my life is punctuated with stories that, even to me, sound somewhat incredible.

Our Business Hours

We are here to serve you during the following business hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: Closed
Phone: 1-604-781-9557

Hear It From Our Customers

  • Eric M. -  ARC'TERYX Equipment

    Great – thank you Eric! Food was amazing, we all had a lot of fun & learned a few things along the way.                                                                                  
    - Team Building Client
  • Angela - Electronic Arts

    Just wanted to let you know how much the team enjoyed our cooking class on Friday. This morning, people are still talking about how it was one of their favorite team building events. Not only was the food delicious but the whole process of creating a meal together, having each team present their course and hearing your stories about each dish made the day wonderful. I am sure this will be one of the requested events to have again! Thank you.
    - Team Building Client
  • Mike - Business Objects

    Chef Eric, we had a blast last night. You are a real maestro and an amazing entertainer! The team had a wonderful time and loves the food. Our best team building event so far. see you next year as they already makes plan for next year! Bravo! 
    - Team Building Client
  • Cherry-Lyn S. Khong - Credit Manager - Nintendo of Canada

    On behalf of all my colleagues, we want to thank-you for a wonderful team building event! The event was a surprise to everyone who thought they were going to have a wonderful meal prepared by you! It was a good opportunity for everyone to work with other departments in a totally unique environment. A lot of us have already recommended this event to others and have used your recipes (love that sangria and truffle recipe!:)Merci beaucoup!
    - Team Building Client

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Vancouver, BC


Tel: 604 781 9557

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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