Amazing Race Chef Challenge


Amazing Race Chef Challenge$179/per person
Menu: Full Menu
Included: 1 glass of wine with the meal, Money for Taxis, Money for shopping, Amazing race Tee shirt for you to keep
Number of participants: 12 to 24 - teams of 4
Time Monday to Saturday: Lunch or Dinner
Location: Our kitchen studio
Duration: 4 hours
Good for
Rewarding the team
Celebrating an achievement
Having fun together
Challenging the team
Sparking team member creativity
Strengthening relationships
Improving communication
Managing budget
Building trust within the team
Winning attitude
Team spirit

This is a new team building package that we are very excited to share with you. A lot of people have been waiting for this, so here we go! This is the most exciting and unique culinary team building event in Vancouver. Combining cooking and the Amazing Race experience, this will cover all the teamwork tasks that you want your team to accomplish: communication skills, problem solving, creativity, finance control, as well as opening up your staff to a willingness to try new things! Bring your apron! 



How it works

  • You will meet at our kitchen first and we will divide you into smaller teams of 4. You will get to wear the Amazing Race Chef Challenge t-shirt, yours to keep. Then you face one 5 minute challenge before commencing: deciding which team will receive a time benefit!
  • Each team of 4 will receive an envelope with instructions, and “pocket” money to buy some of the food. We provide the food for the appetizer and the main course, but it will be up to your team to decide what to get for your vegetables and dessert challenge. You will be judge on how much you spend and the taste of the dishes you created. 
  • Cabs will be waiting for you outside the kitchen to take you to the local supermarket, an approximately 6 minute drive each way. Use the travel time to: brainstorm, dispatch responsibilities, strategize and make missing market lists. You will have 30 minutes to rush to the local supermarkets, source all the ingredients and come back. 
  • The winning team of the initial challenge will depart first to the supermarket, just like in the Amazing Race. Once you have returned to the school, the cooking challenge begins! If you are early, great! This time will be added to your cooking time. If you are late your team will get a 5 minute penalty on the cooking time. 
  • Your team will have 2 hours to cook your dishes with vegetables and the dessert of your choice, but watch out for Bumps, Detours and Road Blocks!
  • Our chef will judge your dishes based on cleanliness, presentation, creativeness, teamwork, money spend and taste (of course)!   Oh and the winning team will walk away with a prize as well as the glory!

Is your team up for an Amazing Race Chef Challenge? CALL US TODAY... ON YOU MARK! READY? COOK!

Amazing Race Chef Challenge Testimonial:

"Chef, we had such a good time Saturday. Everyone commented on how much fun -- and educational -- it was. My husband particularly, is happy that he now knows proper knife handling!!! He can start doing more cooking at home! Thanks again for a great experience. I highly recommend it."
Jackie P. - Driving Force


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