• Is your menu ready for summer?

    Help your customers beat the heat this summer with innovative and inspiring dishes. Use local and seasonal ingredients and create refreshing recipes. Introduce cold soups on your menu: they’re fun, nutritious and different. The following ideas are just a sample of some tried and true summer hits.

    summer menu

  • Opening a Restaurant: It All Starts With Passion

    So you want to open  your own restaurant? Many waiters, chefs, and others who share a delighted interest in gastronomy, often have dreams of opening a restaurant of their own -- or sharing a venture with a partner. Some soon to be restaurateurs decide to leave their big job in the corporate mill to go back to an earlier period in their life, a much simpler time, where they worked in the restaurant industry.

  • The Michelin Star Award Process: explained!

    The Michelin Star Award Process: explained!

    Most people are familiar with the concept of the Michelin star, that prestigious and highly coveted award bestowed upon Europe’s finest restaurants. However, very few people know the history of the award or how star designations are determined. This article will provide a brief explanation of both in order to clarify this mysterious concept.

  • Why a Tours to France with a French Chef?

    Designed for wine lovers and foodies.

    Is there a better way for foodies to travel throughout France than with a renowned native French Chef? Chef Eric’s exclusive French culinary tours  are unique and tailored around a region terroir. All our travel programs are semi-private with a maximum of 8 guests – that’s all. Our private tours run from 1 to large groups and are fully customized to fit your needs and budgets.

    Over the years Chef Eric have run a numerous trip to all French regions and have established a network of passionate partners from food producer, farmers, vintners, wine producers, wine makers, cavistes, Chefs, local sommeliers… With Chef Eric you will experience French Art de Vivre as it’s best.

    The French patrimony, culture and terroir is so diverse that each region is unique and rich with many treasures. Meet passionate food and wine producers that will share with you there love for their craft. With each regional tour you will be filled with history, culture, gastronomy, food and fine wines.

    Because you travel with a chef, some of the programs includes hands-on multi course cooking classes with wines from visited wineries and local food. It’s the French gastronomy and art de vivre as its best!

    Chef Eric has been running the culinary travel programs for UBC and other clients for several years now. Today we are proud partner of Elan Travel, established in 1975 and Air Canada member “Circle of Excellence” one of only of 50 agencies to qualify for membership in this exclusive group. All our prices are without Airfare but it could be purchased to our partner. 

    All tours are also available privately year round upon guide availability.

  • Why Hire A Culinary Consultant?

    As a restaurateur, chef or general manager, you are likely a food industry expert with many years experience in your field. Why then would you possibly want or need to hire a culinary consultant?

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