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You may already know that British Columbia boasts a dazzling variety of local produce, meat and seafood offerings but you may not know from exactly which reasons are derived the very best examples of this comestible bounty. Here’s your chance to find out so that you can be even savvier in your artisanal food selections.

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Whether you’re packing school lunches for a child, or trying to be frugal during the work-week along with our spouse or other loved one, making gourmet weekday lunches for 2 is much easier and more satisfying than you may think.

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As with any other culinary endeavour, planning and organization are essential when cooking for 2. For example, creating a menu for the week and corresponding shopping list will help you cook more efficiently, save unnecessary additional grocery trips, and overall lead to a more satisfying experience when working in the kitchen. Below are some of the key organizational tips that may be useful to you as you embark upon the cooking for 2 gourmet experience. 

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Those in the know are aware that summer in BC is a gorgeous season filled with opportunities to sample the province’s bounty of local produce, meats, dairy products and wines. However, individuals planning a short trip to BC during the summer months may feel overwhelmed by the culinary options.

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Inevitably in any discussion of BC cuisine the topic of seafood will arise. That’s because BC’s coastal waters yield some of North America’s finest fish and crustacean offerings from salmon to halibut, scallops, oysters and so much more. However, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this region’s fresh catch, you’ll be faced with the question of how to best prepare the Pacific bounty so that its delectable natural flavours can be fully enjoyed at your table.

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Wild salmon are considered one of BC’s most precious natural resources, but increasingly wildlife protection organizations, local fisherman, and community members are concerned over what appears to be a systematic population decline.

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Cooking for 2 can be a challenge because many people find it difficult to correctly portion and conserve meals for only two eaters.

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