In recent years, people shied away from avocados for fear of their high fat content and calories, but these lovely green gems are a wholesome fruit that are healthy to eat and good for you, too.

Dry sausages on a French market

We are still talking about the French paradox. According to a recent study by the "Centre de recherche pour l'étude et l'observation des conditions de vie" ("The research center for the study and monitoring of life conditions"), the French intake more fat than do Americans.

Wine was once used as a food accompaniment, but now it’s used as an ingredient in the main course. Many chefs nowadays use wine when cooking and this method can be traced back during the ancient times as used by the Romans and Geeks.

In North America, the asparagus is mainly available green. Did you know that they also come in white and purple? Do you know how to prepare them? In this article discover the essential information about asparagus.

If you buy a lettuce at the farmers' market, it might come with dirt and sometimes bugs. Learn how to clean it so you can truly enjoy your fresh green salad is therefore paramount.


There are various reasons why you may want to organize a team building in your company. Discover the 5 basics steps to organize a successful event.

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