If you hear the term “Omega 3” and think fraternity group or distant galaxy, then you need to keep reading this article. In fact Omega 3s can be key players in the prevention and alleviation of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and several cancers as well as depression and schizophrenia, among other ailments.
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In children, Omega 3s are crucial to healthy brain development, muscle growth and overall normal development. So, pay attention and learn more about this super substance—it could save your life! 

Omega 3 fatty acids belong to a family of macronutrient unsaturated fatty acids known since the 1930s to have positive health benefits. Found in fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc.), flaxseed oil, purslane, chia and a variety of other plants contain high levels of Omega 3s. The importance of Omega 3s became more widely recognized in the 1970s when researchers studying an Inuit tribe in Greenland noticed that the people ate large amounts of fish yet suffered no instances of heart disease. Subsequent studies of the diets of Mediterranean peoples, which feature Omega 3-rich whole grains and fish, produced similar positive results. In the 21st century, the health administrations of many governments worldwide endorse the consumption of Omega 3 products, from fish and fruit to specialty vitamin supplements.

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Similar to the folic acid fortification project of the 1990s, companies (including Kelloggs and Arnold) are increasingly supplementing their foods with Omega 3s in order to promote better public health. Currently available Omega 3 (or n--3) enriched foods include chocolate, waffles, yogurt, pasta, eggs, and bread among others.

It seems that every few months a new health trend emerges that captures the attention of the public for a short while and then rapidly fades away. The use of Omega 3s is not such a passing trend. While health experts disagree on many matters, there is virtually no disagreement as to Omega 3s known dietary benefits, as well as their as yet undiscovered potential to improve public health worldwide.

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