An application of chemistry to the culinary arts, molecular gastronomy gas gained new attention and devotees in these first years of the 21st century. Some of the world’s most renowned chefs today, such as Ferran Adria from El Bulli Spain, Pierre Gagnaire from his eponymous restaurant in Paris and Heston Blumenthal from The Fat Duck in England employ molecular gastronomy to the delight of their guests.

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The Bocuse d’Or is the world’s most renowned culinary competition, and has taken place in a different international destination each year since its inception in 1987. Named after one of France’s culinary legends, Paul Bocuse, the competition has launched the careers of many young chefs and spawned new culinary trends that are later adopted by restaurants worldwide. Hosted in conjunction with SIRHA (Salon International de la Restauration, de l'Hôtellerie et de l'Alimentation), the competition attracts over 190,000 professional visitors and allows international audiences to watch the world’s greatest up and coming chef talents at work. The next SIRHA is 21-25 January 2017. 

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Those in the know are aware that summer in BC is a gorgeous season filled with opportunities to sample the province’s bounty of local produce, meats, dairy products and wines. However, individuals planning a short trip to BC during the summer months may feel overwhelmed by the culinary options.

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Fall has crept up upon us once again, and with it begins the holiday season throughout most of North America. But before you rush into Halloween costume selection or put up that Day of the Dead alter, check your local listings for the closest Oktoberfest event and head on over for a hefty dose of German cuisine, music, activities and more.

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Inevitably in any discussion of BC cuisine the topic of seafood will arise. That’s because BC’s coastal waters yield some of North America’s finest fish and crustacean offerings from salmon to halibut, scallops, oysters and so much more. However, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this region’s fresh catch, you’ll be faced with the question of how to best prepare the Pacific bounty so that its delectable natural flavours can be fully enjoyed at your table.

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You may already know that British Columbia boasts a dazzling variety of local produce, meat and seafood offerings but you may not know from exactly which reasons are derived the very best examples of this comestible bounty. Here’s your chance to find out so that you can be even savvier in your artisanal food selections.

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The transition from spring to summer offers us the opportunity to pay homage to our parents in the form of official Mother’s and Father’s day celebrations. From homemade culinary treats to more standard gift ideas, this article will give you some great ideas about how to make your folks feel extra appreciated during this time of year.

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