The Bocuse d’Or is the world’s most renowned culinary competition, and has taken place in a different international destination each year since its inception in 1987. Named after one of France’s culinary legends, Paul Bocuse, the competition has launched the careers of many young chefs and spawned new culinary trends that are later adopted by restaurants worldwide. Hosted in conjunction with SIRHA (Salon International de la Restauration, de l'Hôtellerie et de l'Alimentation), the competition attracts over 190,000 professional visitors and allows international audiences to watch the world’s greatest up and coming chef talents at work. The next SIRHA is 21-25 January 2017. 

Paul bocuse

  • 189 028 professional visitors
  • 19 715 Chefs
  • 3 045 exhibitors and brand
  • 450 participants at the World Cuisine Summi
  • 725 innovations
  • 19 professional contests
  • +1 600 demonstrations per day
  • 992 journalists
  • 15 tons of food offered to the Food Bank
  • 17km of aisles
  • 46 000m² of fitted carpet
  • 4 000 people involved in setting up 

In 2017, the Bocuse d’Or will be held on January 24th and 25th in Lyon, France. Many months prior, one competitor is selected to represent each of the 24 participating countries after having won a national preliminary competition sponsored by an official National Selection Committee. During the competition, the competitors each draw from their national culinary traditions, as well as exhibit their own creative techniques in front of a live audience. Assistance from a commis, or apprentice, of their choice is allowed, however this commis must be 22 years old or younger. A Delegation President and promotions manager also accompany each selected chef to the event.

BOCUSE OR 2007 042

Once the pairs from each country enter the main stage area, they are given a fully equipped 18 X 2 meter kitchen cubicle, and have five hours to prepare a meat dish and a fish dish using ingredients selected by the Bocuse d'Or committee. However, each chef must provide the serving platters, all specialized cooking equipment and all of the food ingredients, with the exception of the designated meat and fish items. Both platters must be presented with a choice of three different garnishes and must contain a total of twelve servings. Two portions are plated for presentation and for the official photograph. 

For the first time, the Bocuse d'Or 2017 dish on a plate theme will be 100% vegetal! Learn more. 

BOCUSE OR 2007 049 small

The competition jury comprises some of the most renowned chefs from each of the 24 countries, all of whom expect to be thoroughly wowed by the taste, creativity and presentation of each dish. Up to 40 points are awarded for taste, 20 for presentation of the two main dishes, and 20 additional points for hygiene and cleanliness, resulting in one winner who captures the highest score. The winner receives a golden trophy and 20,000 Euros whereas second and third place contestants receive 20,000 and 15,000 Euros respectively. In addition, prizes are awarded for the best fish and best meat dishes (outside of the top three places), best apprentice and best poster. The day after the competition, the three winners meet at Paul Bocuse’s restaurant in Collonges, Lyon where plaques engraved with their names are placed at the restaurant’s entrance.

As the 2017 competition will be held in Lyon, it promises to be an extra special event for founder Bocuse and all of the participants involved. Good luck to Chef James Olberg Bocuse d'or 2017 Canadian candidate. 

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