While most people love to eat a nice, juicy steak or hamburger now and then, studies increasingly show the importance of cutting down on red meat in favor of a diet rich in vegetables, nuts and fish. The excessive consumption of red meat (eating it twice per day or more) has been linked on numerous occasions to a 30% or more increased risk of heart disease when compared to people with low red meat intakes in their diets. 

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Light, crunchy and versatile, celery has become a common household staple that is used in a wide variety of delicious dishes, especially during its peak summer growing period.

cooking for 2
Cooking for 2 can be a challenge because many people find it difficult to correctly portion and conserve meals for only two eaters.

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Whether you’re packing school lunches for a child, or trying to be frugal during the work-week along with our spouse or other loved one, making gourmet weekday lunches for 2 is much easier and more satisfying than you may think.

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As much as it may vex gourmands, the fact is that many people around the world find it challenging to return home after a long day at work and cook a gourmet meal.

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As with any other culinary endeavour, planning and organization are essential when cooking for 2. For example, creating a menu for the week and corresponding shopping list will help you cook more efficiently, save unnecessary additional grocery trips, and overall lead to a more satisfying experience when working in the kitchen. Below are some of the key organizational tips that may be useful to you as you embark upon the cooking for 2 gourmet experience. 

If you buy a lettuce at the farmers' market, it might come with dirt and sometimes bugs. Learn how to clean it so you can truly enjoy your fresh green salad is therefore paramount.

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