Black Box Culinary Challenge


Black box challenge$120/per person /per person
Menu: 3 course gourmet meal
Included beverage: 1 glass of wine pairing with the meal
Number of participants: 8 to 16
Time Monday to Saturday: Lunch or Dinner
Location: Our kitchen studio
Duration: 3 hours - Extra hour: $150

Good for

Having fun together
Challenging the team
Sparking team member creativity
Strengthening relationships
Improving communication
Building trust within the team
Winning attitude
Team spirit


Like the ''Master Chef'' cooking show, each team is given the same black box containing ingredients sourced right here in Vancouver that must be used to cook an appetizer, a main and dessert. But, to add to the excitement, each team is also given a “secret ingredient” that must be incorporated into their three course menu.


How it works

Each team will have to abide by the following rules:

  • 10 minutes for the team to create a concept and present it to the chef. 
  • 1.5 hours of cooking time to prepare a 3 course gourmet meal based on the ingredients in the black box.
  • No recipes are provided, and every team is required to conceptualise and create their own menus.
  • Each team must submit their menu and concept to the chef, who might give advice and guidance when needed.
  • Each team must cook enough portions for their team members.
  • At all times during the challenge, the cooking station must be kept clean and tidy or the whole team could be penalised.
  • Any food wastage, messy work or dangerous behavior will be penalised with a 'yellow card'. Team members that collect more than 3 yellow cards will get a red card and 5 minutes of' jail time' where they will be temporarily suspended from cooking.

Without the benefit of prior instruction, this is the most challenging of our corporate team building classes. Encouraging strategic thinking, working towards strict deadlines and promoting organizational skills, this dynamic cooking class is sure to ignite and inspire the competitive edge in your team.

Is your team up to the challenge? Contact to book your Black Box Culinary Challenge.

Black Box Culinary Challenge testimonial:

"Chef you have impressed us again! Last night black box challenge was super fun! I was quite amazed to see the transformation in some of my co-workers. It was nothing short of excitements, challenges, fun, suspenseful and delicious food. Thanks again for another amazing experience. I highly recommend it."

Pamela & Gary - ING Directors


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