Sushi Class Challenge


Sushi Challenge$125/per person
Menu: Full Menu
Included beverage: Green Tea and Sake with the meal
Number of participants: 12 to 20
Time Monday to Saturday: Lunch or Dinner
Location: Our kitchen studio
Duration: 3 hours - Extra hour: $150

Good for

Rewarding the team
Celebrating an achievement
Having fun together
Challenging the team
Sparking team member creativity
Strengthening relationships

We have created a Japanese sushi making cooking class right here in Vancouver featuring delectable sushi where everyone will wear a traditional Japanese Bandana like in the Karate Kid Movie!

Using prime ingredients and sushi quality sustainable seafood, the teams will make a gourmet sushi meal under the Chef’s supervision. Each team member will discover how to cook, prepare and season the sushi rice, as well as learn to make 2 different types of Sushi (Nigiri and Makizushi (rolled) and a Miso Soup for their own meal.

How it works

Once they have grasped basic sushi making skills, and satisfied their appetites, each team will embark on a 20-minute challenge to create THE best fruit sushi dessert based on a common fruit basket. This celebratory challenge is sure to bring out the creativity and sense of adventure in your staff, allowing them to have plenty of fun along the way.

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